Shark Rods

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There are many types of game fishing rods suitable for catching sharks from light little 8kg set up to the monsterous 60kg rigs

Penn 60kg and 24 kg s/butt withBig Foot Aftco rollers

Penn 24 kg straight butt with Big Foot Aftco rollers

I personally use only custom built game rods constructed by myself to specific criteria after years of fishing. I use a short stroker fast taper stand up rod for my Duel 12/0 reel, a couple of 80lb chair rods on the Penn Senator 12/0 and 14/0 and a wicked bent butt custom built 130lb rod matched to a very large Penn Senator 16/0 to finish off.

A good tip is to always make sure the runners are big enough to take a double plait or bimini knot.

I would suggest you stay with a short stroker 50lb to 80lb setup to start with.

Here is a picture of my Dad with my mean 130lb/60kg custom built rod matched to a Penn 16/0 Senator at Point Lonsdale jetty in Victoria, Australia loaded with 130lb line. This rod can only be fished in a custom game chair .... see Jetty fishing page

Since this picture was taken Dad passed away on the 30 June 2001 at 62 years of age. No doubt he will always be with us in spirit and not forgotten by so many of  our crew and regulars at point Lonsdale and Tathra. He was a real joker and Loved the sport and excitement that it offered and was one of the main cornerstones in this site being built. from Douglas XXX