This is a list of jetties and piers fished and proven for their shark activity

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   Victoria Point Lonsdale Jetty, Lorne pier, Warrnanbool break water

   New South Wales Tathra ( Used to excellent until shark fishing was stopped in Jan 97 due to greenies                disapproving of such fishing techniques - bloody idiots !!)

   Queensland Southgate jetty in Moreton bay, Cooktown jetty,

There may be other jetties which produce sharks but I am unable to comment on their activity as I do not have personal experience in those areas

   Jetty / Pier fishing

Well this is where it all started for me. It was due to the fact that I had outgrown the small fry on the local jetty which was normally being caught that I was after something big, or should I say "REALLY BIG" that I became interested in this sport. Now just so we all know what I mean when I talk about really big, we are talking 700-1000 pounders, not those anorexic 6 foot 80-100 pounders. I was introduced to this type of fishing by a self thinking genious by the name of Gary Lee, who devised a LBG game fishing chair which was to revoulutionze shore based Big Game Captures to this size. It consisted of an old bar fridge which was laid on it back, minus all its working parts with the lid acting as a seat and the inside a tackle holdall, to which a custom built welded frame was fitted around the outside of the box to support a rod gimbal a foot plate, rod holders, safety belt attachments etc.etc. From this kind of fishing base it was possible to equal the type of fish caught off large game boats, without having to fight standing. Have you ever tried to fight on an 80lb rig or outfit standing up for two hours with a 700lb shark heading out to the horizon. Its a case of I better know how to waterski or else!!!. But sitting down putting all your weight into a properly constructed LBG chair is a totally different kettle of fish...or shark!!! with the game more evenly matched. A simple picture of the game chair is as such


The types of rods which I personally favour are custom built . Of which three are 80lb rods, all straight butt, of which two are short strokers, and also a very custom built bent butt 130lb class rod matched up to a Penn Senator 16/0, spooled with 1600 yards of 125lb breaking strain IGFA line. And if that don't stop them, then they can keep it. One of the short stroker is matched to a Penn Senator 12/0 (which is currently responsible for a pending 10 foot AUSTRALIAN LBG record Dusky Whaler) the other stand-up shortie is matched to and a Duel 2 speed 12/0 , and finally a Penn Senator 14/0 on the last rod 80lb rod. Forget big shark on any thing under a 9/0 - 12/0 reel unless you are really lucky. I know there have been a few good captures on 6/0 reels, but I would have lost ALL my big ones on such small tackle, remember these are pain giving fish. Pain to you, your rod, your reel and anything else connected to the sharks mouth.

There are several methods of bait deployment. Probably the one everyone knows is balloning, but what happens when you've got all the gear down there and the wind is in the wrong direction. Yep, no fishing, well not quite. Part of my arsenal is an inflatable zodiac boat and 25 hp motor, which even with reasonably moderate winds allows me to drop the bait out and leave it there regardless of wind direction, just lower the zodiac from shore, pick the baits up and away you go. There is also a very clever method which is only suitable for areas associated with strong current pull, and this is called a paravane, as invented by a close friend of mine Geoff Wilson famous Australian fishing writer and illustrator. It is basically an underwater sail made from masonite board as seen in the diagram below. This system can be seen in further detail in Geoff book called "Rigs & Knots".

As can be seen from above Doug Pulling in a big daytime shark on a bent butt 130lb setup. Notice the huge Classic Penn Senator 16/0 the largest line holding reel capacity in the world, holding a staggering 1600 yards of 130lb line or over 2000yards of 80lb line. Why you may ask . Well this particular jetty the bait was taken out between 1000 and 1200 metres so that stilll does not allow that much to play the shark with, particularly if the shark goes for a screaming 500 metre run.

This is a typical jetty shark setup. Notice the big reels on the game chair setups

Once the shark has been brought to the side of the jetty, it should be subdued with 2 or more flying gaffs and then tailroped, where it can be hauled up on to the jetty. The shark can be pulled up with the help of MANY tourists, a vechicle, a hand winch (such as a Tirfor winch) or as can be seen in the following shot a custom home made winch and crane jib system. This system was safe on sharks to about11 feet and 600lb, Any thing bigger was pulled up by my trusty Toyota Landcruiser safely placed in low range 4wd 2nd gear.

Winching the shark 20 feet up the jetty using a 2 ton winch...Shark fully winched up

Shark winched over...............................................................Shark now safely on Deck. ...Not Bad hey??!!!


One of our local jetties in Victoria

Here is a picture of the Wharf that I used to catch most of my sharks from until shark fishing was banned back in feb 97, by a supper greenie movment.

This was the sign errected after a 15 foot great white visited us one lovely morning. what a load of bullshit

Above is a typical day on the point Lonsdale Jetty in Victoria setting up the gear in anticipation of the night ocean prowlers. Notice the land based game chair used to subdue those real big bities. A removable rod holder can be seen on the picture on the right. Below is a picture of the Point Lonsdale pier looking toward the end of the jetty

A fine point Lonsdale Whaler ..........A Lively shark at Point Lonsdale waiting for the gaff


Even the small guys can catch sharks this one was one ..................A nice set of teeth sitting on a Penn Senator 16/0

of Grants first officially caught sharks.And still only a boy!

Garry White Shark 1.jpg (27785 bytes)

Good mate here Scott G. with a nice         Garry Lees nice 7 foot Junivile Great White

little 50kg whaler shark off Sandgate Jetty QLD

Tathra Bronzie 2.jpg (23244 bytes)Tathra Bronzie 3.jpg (24338 bytes)Tathra Bronzie 4.jpg (25307 bytes)Tathra Bronzie 5.jpg (13314 bytes)

Different Sharks caught off the famous Tathra Wharf....

Garry White Shark 2.jpg (30868 bytes)Here is a picture of a juvinile Great White caught at the Tathra Jetty ready to be hauled up.

great White Tathra 2.jpg (12831 bytes)great White Tathra 3.jpg (13953 bytes)

Here are Two pictures of a 10 foot great white caught of the jetty at Tathra

Here is a picture of Richard Hammond Holding the rod with his First Real Shark off the Point Lonsdale Jetty Sept 2001 on his first trip after my meticulous instruction. Ps I'm the one in the grey top and green baseball cap. And Whilst taking this photo shoot I lost 2 sharks around the other side of the Bus shelter who were happy eating my bloody Tuna's _ just you wait till next time !!!

All the Boys from right to left top to bottom. Richard, Bobby, me - Doug, and hap hazard Steve !!!

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