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The introduction of the MAKO-MAGNET and the TUNA -TEASER changed the fishing community forever. Designed primarily for the tournament fishing community, these units has been the primary focus of many documentary filming due to its high success rate. Designed in conjunction with leading marine biologists in the United States, and designed by S2 Instruments, the Mako Magnet was born. This unique device uses pressure (sound) to emulate a struggling bait fish that Sharks and Tuna feed on. This takes in to account the "NORMAL" feeding habits in the way of size, weight, species, and degree of struggle. The concept was studied, how sharks and Tuna survive in their natural environment, this is the key to the success of these fishing products.


magnet.JPG (17077 bytes) Very unassuming.  Here is a picture of a Mako Magnet


Technology has captured the shark fishing industry by developing a computer controlled attracting device that actually attracts sharks. It's a proven fact that specific vibrating sounds attract sharks, the people at S2 Instruments have found a way to duplicate that specific sound. By incorporating the technology of today's computers, along with some of the leading marine laboratories and biologists, then applying that technology to an age old problem, the fish and the fisherman.

The MAKO-MAGNET is an easy device to use, and it works on the the exact frequency that has been proven to attract "MAKO SHARKS". ALTHOUGH using this personally We Have had Exceptional Results on Big Bronzies & Very Large Seven gills, as well as Blue Sharks and even inquisitive Dolphins!!!!!!!Just hook it up to your boat battery, place the transducer in the water and the device is automatically activated, that's it. The MAKO-MAGNET is now emitting a rich low frequency tone, while acoustically vibrating the water in a 360 degree pattern. You are now being heard a minimum of a 1 mile under water. The rocking motion of the ocean further activates additional circuitry and breaks up the tone by adding an intermittent harmonic. This easy to use MAKO-MAGNET should be caged, or it will be eaten. This vibration or sound is heard by sharks as an invitation to a slow moving wounded meal. Than means a greater selection of sharks caught.

Electrical Specifications:

Applications include:

  1. Tournament fishing

  2. Scientific tagging of sharks

  3. Charter boat Captains

  4. Weekend fishing

  5. People that want to be proven winners

     6.  IGFA Approved

The Cost of either the Mako Magnet, Tuna Teaser or soon to be released Marlin Magnet  to all Australian Anglers is $670.00 Aus.   This includes deliver to your postal address.

Now before you say yeah right thats too expensive lets look at some figures. If you are game fishing you probably have some good gear, at least $800-$1000 for a rod and reel combo. $1000's in lures traces, gaffs, terminal gear, gimbal belt ect, ect. Not to mention maybe a boat....Big Bucks...!! Registration of boat, trailer ect.. All Costing you big dollars. Now the trip..... Big bucks on fuel, accomodation, food, bait, ect.... You spend all this money, get there and if you don't boat or land/tag a fish .. well lets face it it was an expensive holiday. If you entered a GFAA competion think of the advantage. All this gear means nothing if you don't have a fish, Now was it worth the $780.00  Well I thought so and I'm still catching more than anyone else. Thats it ... let me tell you this gives you the ADVANTAGE, and I have never met an fisherman who did not want an advantage over his fellow  anglers.  If you want to order a Mako Magnet just Click Here

Here are some genuine pictures of some sharks caught as a direct effect of the Magnet... Yours could be one of them

Eden Bronzie.jpg (16000 bytes) A picture I caught of a 198kg (435lb) Bronze Whaler  from Eden NSW  Australia in 80 metres of water . caught on a fresh 4lb Stripey Tuna as  direct influence on the Mako Magnet.

7gill Pt Lonsdale 1.jpg (14661 bytes)7gill Pt Lonsdale 2.jpg (14897 bytes) A nice couple of 7 Gill sharks the biggest about 140-150kg . This time caught off the Point Lonsdale Jetty. They were both much more aggressive than normal and kept coming back for our baits. The 3rd shark got wise and left before being captured. Again in this case no berly / chum was used yet they showed extreme feeding habits and were not satisfied until they had taken a bait.

S2 Instruments is a leader in the electronic industry with over 10 years experience in engineering, designing, prototyping and manufacturing military electronics. As the world has changed over the last 5 years, we have changed our business focus to a more commercial environment.

With the introduction of the MAKO-MAGNET and the TUNA TEASER and over 300 units have been sold primarily to the tournament fishing community. This unit has been the focus of many documentary filming due to it's unique concept. Designed in conjunction with most of the leading marine biologists in the United States, and designed by S2 Instruments, the Mako Magnet was born. This unique device uses pressure (sound) to emulate a struggling bait fish that sharks feed on. This takes in to account the "NORMAL" feeding habits in the way of size, weight, species, and degree of struggle. It was very important to study how sharks survive in their natural environment. This study included 6 months of research with leading marine laboratories and biologists, plus months or reading scientific documents on the feeding habits on specific types of fish, in perticular Mako Sharks and Tuna.

As the MAKO MAGNET was a huge success, we tested the market with a product called the TUNA TEASER. This product included all the same technology as the MAKO MAGNET and differed due to the type, weight, and feeding habits of the Tuna. This product also was a success in the fishing community.

Both devices are unique and patented. They hold a new concept in the leading technology of sport fishing.

Remember, if your looking for a competitive edge, get the MAGNET advantage.