This is a list of beaches fished and proven for their shark activity

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   Victoria & New South Wales There are many beaches around Australia that you can catch sharks from, unfortunately most of these have surf and problems are multiplied 50 fold with this. If possible look for a beach without surf.... good luck, (p.s. a zodiac as used by the surf clubs are one of the only safe ways to take a bait out past the surf breakers).

   Queensland Inside Frazer Island, Inside Moreton Island, Woodgate beach (South of Bundaberg).Any beach along the coast of Queensland without surf,


   Shore fishing (Beach & Rocks)

The beach with the Tide in ..................Same beach with the Tide out................Shark chomping stingray bait

This is most defintly a difficult one. There are so many problems associated with this that I would suggest look for a pier. However, you may still be in luck if you are fishing a bay where there is no surf. You will definetly need a small tin boat or a zodiac inflatable ( or similar ) for bait deployment reasons. DO NOT be a hero and swim the bait out. If sharks are present you can end up as an entree!! Like I keep saying this is a specialised form of fishing which for safeties sake needs to be done properley. Once the bait is out there, set up on the beach with your game chair and wait. When I go fishing like this, its usually for 2 to 4 days 24 hours a day. Big Fish deserve dedication.The biggest problem associated with fishing from the beach is if it's a surf beach, tidal rip currents can carry your bait away.One way to combat this problem is to tie a small anchor to keep the bait stable. This is usually made up as a three pronged anchor constucted from welding three 18 inch 4-5mm bars at one end and a furthur 6 inches down the anchor and the remaining bars being bent over 180 degrees and 120 degrees apart. The anchor is attached to the plastic coated wire trace 3 feet from the hooks with the anchor POINTING TOWARDS THE HOOKS not the other way round, otherwise when you reel the line back in you will be reeling in the pressure of the anchor.

The above sketch should help you out

Here is a picture of good mate Scott McKenzie, taken from a recent Australian fishing magazine after a trip to Queenslands Woodgate beach. Notice the stingray hanging off the quick release bait deployment pole, which can be lowerd into the water whilst on the move making the whole operation a one man job. An inflatable is the preferred vessle due to its extremely good stability under many types of conditions.

After hooking a big shark you will have to work hard to bring it in close to shore. You will notice that when the fish enters in close it will swim with the gutter up and down the beach. If you are fishing standup make sure you have good gear to play the fish, otherwise you are going water-skiing. I would always recommend a Black Magic Gimbal matched to a braid sit in bum harness. If you decide to go full hog use the game chair setup as is seen on the jetty page. Once the shark is in close you will have to gaff it with a big flying gaff and then hold on.!! Do not attempt to haul the shark up on the beach using the gaff unless it is a small one as depicted below. The gaffs only purpose in life is to try and subdue the fish and stop it from swimming away. Try to secure the shark with 2 or more gaffs, then tail rope it and pull it up on shore.

Above is a sequence of shots showing the capture of a new LBG Australian fishing record on 10kg line. The shark weighed 50.5 kg and took 35 minutes to land. Although not the size of the shark we were after it turned a quiet night around for us. A 300 -400kg Tiger would have been the go !!! Good friend and self thinking genius Scott G. on the gaff end, Scott is used to gaffing 10 foot sharks out the bays along Queensland's coast.

Vic Hislop (centre) kindly showed us this LBG shark fishing spot- Thanks Vic

Day time hook up on a good shark that was unfortunately lost.

     Big Tiger on Gantry.jpg (15577 bytes)

Some Nice bull sharks off Moreton Island on the inside where no surf is present. George with a nice bull shark and a very nice good sized tiger caught on a Stingray bait hanging up on our specialised shark gantry. These gantries are good for fish easily up to 500kg. Catching them is the problem.

52 miles south down Padre Island - beach camp setup 97 Texas.jpg (11596 bytes)   52 miles south down Padre Island - beach.jpg (13752 bytes)

Above is a picture of the camp and beach 52 miles south of Padre Island Texas, where fishing for land based sharks is an establishing sport. Not to dissimilar to our Queensland Beaches.


Scotty G. on a firm solid hookup. notice the pain !!


Here is George gaffing Scotty's shark

here is a picture of my best mate Scotty G. with a real nice fair sized whaler shark caught 80 metres of the beach on Moreton Island, Queensland.

Here was another shark, a smaller bull being released.


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