Action shots

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Here are a few shots of the final rod in action on an estimated 180kg-200kg whaler shark off Narooma NSW in May 2001. It performed well in the boat attached to a black magic gimbal outfit and a Duel 12/0 reel.

The rod had an immense feel of power about it.

Unlike some radically fast tapered rods this has a more moderate fast taper curve which allows perhaps the top 35-40% of the rod to do the lifting as opposed to the top 25%. This reduces the chances of a top end break off, especially when fishing straight down on a large fish where maximum stress is applied to the rod. In my experience these super fast tapered rods are more suited to 10kg-15kg outfits aimed at tuna. which is why I chose a slightly  less aggressive tapered rod more aimed at big fish.


These first 3 photos show a pump and wind technique with the fish down deeper at the back of the boat

The final photos show a good strong pump and wind with the fish out about 100 metres and still down moderately deep. With this set up maximum pressure is applied to the fish with a short lever and a bent butt configuration  having the least amount of effort applied to the angler as possible. even though this rod is not regarded as super fast taper, the taper of the rod is sufficiently fast enough that when a correct pump and wind technique is applied the rod will help lift the fish slowly but securely out of the water in very quick time. The use of this black magic makes an excellent stand up system worthy of many a big fish.

Now with great footage of this rod what are you waiting for - Go and BUILD ONE and get amongst the big boys. 

I would like to thank the Skipper of Predator II Garry Lee for taking me out on this trip, finding the fish - as always and taking some bloody good photos. Cheers Gaz.....