Final Epoxy

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This section relates to the final coat of epoxy. After the decals and lettering have been added mix up some more epoxy and apply again a thinner final coat to the decal and lettering and in between the guides, with a heavier built up section along the guide feet. 


Here are some photos of the finished rod 


The 1st photo shows the Alutecnos Bent Butt, leather rod grip and the Duel 12/0 that it is matched up to. The 2nd  and 3rd photos are of the 1st  and 2nd Alutecnos Roller guides. The next two photos are of the rod guides generally and the "pull apart" roller tip, with the last photos a close up of the Duel 12/0 reel.

This final photo shows the new rod crossing the rest of the armoury. From left to right we have the Penn 14/0 with a 60kg fully rollered stick, the Duel and the new Alutecnos 37kg B/Butt short stroker. The Penn 12/0 and a 37kg stick, A Penn 6/0 and a 24kg stick, A Penn 16/0 match to a short stroker 37kg Pacific composite fast tapered rod fitted with high speed Silicon Carbide guides, a Penn international 50TW matched to a Garry Marsh - Live fibre blank with fuji high speed aluminium oxide guides, and a Shimmano Speed master 15kg set up matched to a 15 kg fully rollered Hardy's of London 15kg stroker.