Thread Finishing

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With this section prior to the initial epoxy coat make sure that you have finished all your decorative fine gold and or coloured bindings, these would usually be placed at the ends of the guide section,  at the beginning of the leather grip closest to the reel and the end of the grip. A good tip is to make sure that the decorative bindings are physically as thin as possible to add a sign of class rather than a thick clumsy line.,

In my experience do not use colour fasteners or thread fillers as all they cause is trouble and heartbreak, lots of heartbreak. The so called experts say that you need this to preserve colour, well unless you are running a charter boat and the rods are working every day on the water, the occasional time you take them fishing there will not be enough UV to do anything, also bear in mind that our type of shark fishing is mainly conducted at night. !!! No UV there  guys!. so leave the thread preserver alone................