Roller Guide Placement

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In this section I will show you how to align the roller guides up easily with the butt attachment.

You will need to attach the butt section (if a 2 piece rod) to the main rod and to this attach your desired fishing reel. If you do not have a reel use any reel you can -  preferably a drum reel, if you do not have one yet then try to borrow one from a friend purely to line up the guides with the butt section and the reel. This can be seen in the first photo.

    The second photo shows me aligning the roller tip with the rod and the reel to ensure that this  square and  IN LINE. This is a practical exercise and must be done. It will take a keen eye and much patience to go through the whole set of Alutecnos  roller guides  but even the greatest built rod will be a joke if you do not align all the guides correctly.


This next set of 3 photos shows how I align the first main guide. The tip is to loosely apply some masking tape to the first guide in as close to the aligned position as possible. Tape up only one end. As can be seen in the photo below once this has been done you can adjust the alignment of the  guide to near perfect in relation to the roller tip and the reel. 



The next sequence shows how the Alutecnos guide is bound to the rod blank. make sure that you file all the guide feet down to a paper thin edge for the binding cotton to be applied easily to the guide foot. As can be seen in the finished Guide notice how the decorative gold and blue binding has been added to finish that guide section off.

You will need to go through and do this alignment and binding technique for every guide, and as you bind every guide in place you will need to offer it up for alignment inspection just prior to the binding for final adjustments. When the guides have been bound they will only offer a 1mm adjustment so be sure to get it right every step of the way. 



These final photos show the guides finally all bound to the blank.

Guess what we are almost finished. take a good look at your rod now as it starts to take form and life as a master instrument for catching game fish.

The End Alutecnos Roller guide needs to be glued in place using preferably 24 hour araldite, Make sure you have aligned it correctly. You may need to cut off small sections of the end to allow the guide a snug and tight fit. DO NOT CHOP OFF TOO MUCH AT ONCE. a little often is better than a lot too quickly.