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The supply of these rod components  are only available to registered rod builders, tackle shops and residents outside the Mainland of Australia including Tasmania. 

Freeway high performance rod components are a legitimate business and in order to look after their customers the rod builders they will NOT DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Their products however are freely available through resellers such as tackle store outlets and of course rod builders. Ask for them by name when dealing with these resellers as their choice of equipment and variety is second to none. If your reseller is unaware of their presence they can be contacted directly by your reseller on 

TEL:   61 7 3397 5164 international or local on 07 3397 5164

FAX : 61 7 3397 2292 international  or local on 07 3397 2292

Please do not call them directly for sale of wholesale items if you are not a recoqnised reseller  as proof of business is required.

Rest of the world READ THIS......

If you live outside of Australia, and especially in the USA Freeway will supply directly to you wether you are a recoqnised reseller or not. i.e. they will deal directly with the general public. 

This may seem unfair to the local Australian general public but the reason for this is to protect Freeways Australian customer base. Therefore suppling directly to an overseas market cannot be deemed as damaging to the local Australian reseller and rod builder market.

If you live in the USA I will almost guarantee that the cost of components would be grossly cheaper than buying from a local US market because of three main reasons

So wether you live in the USA, Europe, Asia or the South pacific give Don at Freeway high performance rod components an email on and tell him you saw him on land based shark fishing -   as without his advice much of these project would not have gone ahead. 

That's it guys, I hope you all feel confident in giving this a go and I hope if you do give it a go your rod will give you as much joy as mine has.

Over and out and remember " You never know your luck in a BIG SEA ".......

If you live once again overseas and you want to contact Alutecnos directly CLICK HERE