Decal and lettering Finish

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With the main coat down it is time to apply some decal and lettering.

Decals of sharks can usually be purchased from kids toy stores, these are usually stickers on a page with 6-10 assorted fish, sharks etc, whatever you can get. I managed to find a good little sticker of a tiger shark that looks just great. For those living in Australia I alway seem to find these in a 2 dollar shop or the Reject shop, I suggest people in other countries try the same.  


Here above is a picture of my Tiger shark decal added, these should just stick over the expoxied rod grip. Incidentally you should take the epoxy resin just up past the gold thread as can be seen.


In this final set I elected to write very carefully and equally spaced on the underside of the rod  " Built by" and underneath this my name. in a medium fine gold ink PERMANENT pen, and on the rod itself  on the top and between the 1st and 2nd roller guides "IGFA 37KG"

If you are able to attain gold "Letraset" the press on letter system then this might be a viable alternative to the gold pen. This  however in the past few years I have found more difficult to purchase- see how you go.