1st Coat of  Epoxy Over Guides

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Here we will discuss the first coat of epoxy over the guides, however you may have elected to epoxy the initial rod at the colour binding stage. Irrespective of wether this is the first or second coat the principle of epoxy coating is a simple one, from here on all other lessons are a breeze. 


In the first group of photos we can see the two part epoxy resin on display. It is ABSOLUTELY imperative that these two parts are mixed to an exact 50:50 mix. If not the result may be a very slow and soft - possible always sticky finish and a totally ruined rod. So take your time to visit the chemist or your rod builders supply and order 8-10 little 50ml marked mixing containers. The ones used in the chemist for taking liquid medicines  have increment markings every 5mls. Mix small amounts say 20 -30 mls at a time as directed on the instructions and make sure that they are mixed well with a clean mixing implement - such as a thin  clean screwdriver etc, clean off any excess from the implement with Shelite petroleum spirits. 


Set up the rod level on  your battery operated rotisserie with one rod roller placed as far front on the foregrip as possible and attach to the table base with masking tape. This can be seen more clearly in the first of these 2 photos. It is a really smart idea to place paper under the whole site of the rod to be expoxied so as not to ruin the table underneath with resin drips, and believe me you will get heaps of them.


In this next set of photos the time for the epoxy coat has arrived. It is a good idea to heat the epoxy using a hobby heat gun to a level where the bubbles have all now disappeared and the epoxy is runny. DO NOT OVERHEAT as this will set the epoxy off to cure too quickly. If this does happen, the second it starts to go off do not get tempted to use anymore, throw away what you have made and make a new batch. _ EASY HEY... 

With a relatively good throwaway brush that has had the metal casing compressed to stop the hairs from sticking to the epoxy, apply the resin  in a positive manner to small sections of the rod, ie from the grip to the first guide. Try to do this in sections in case the epoxy runs out its easy to rejoin it at a section instead of in between  two guides. Apply the epoxy in thinner layers in between the guides , but build the guides up to a more fuller level. do not try to finish this all in one night, try your best to get a good base down, and leave this to cure. We will need to apply a final coat and build up after this.