Here is a list of Rivers fished and proven for their shark activity

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Many sharks are caught in the Rivers North of the Queensland border in Australia. One of the most productive is the Brisbane river, especially near where the Breakfast Creek enters the Brisbane River. The sharks caught here are up to 6 feet and are usually whalers such as black whalers or the nasty bull shark.

In the Brisbane River, whaler sharks patrol the city reaches in search of mullet and catfish. These sharks are present all year round, but seem sensitive to moon and tidal phases and prefer to feed at night around bridge pylons and other well-lit structures.

Other catches occasionally encountered when land based game fishing in the river systems of Queensland include blue catfish, estuary cod and even mulloway.

It is difficult to believe but there are no shortages of sharks in this river.

Here is a simple map of Brisbane. On the far right hand corner of the map where it says East Brisbane, is a creek . This is Norman creek and in the summer is home to many a good shark, so don't forget your gaff large net  and camera.

1. This is a picture of a very small Brisbane whaler shark . They can grow in this system up to 5-6 feet. Well done George.