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Game fishing reels are extremely important, more than just a line holding unit they are a direct link to the shark. Hearing that reel scream as a big bitie takes your bait is truly what evey shark fisherman waits for. I personally use big reels as often I have to take my baits out 500 to 1000m so a reel needs to be able to hold between 1200 and 1600 metres of desired breaking strain line. There are many great reels on the market of which I personally own and favour the Duel 12/0

The Duel 12/0 is the ultimate in Land Based Shark fishing reels. This reel is made from ultra strong alloys and components. These reels have a duel speed patented mechanism. Reel forward for high range fast speed retrieval, and reel backwards for low range high torque retrieval, especially useful on those really big sharks that you cannot chase by fishing from the shore. These reels are fully waterproof, with an oversized drag system. Especially designed for those punishing encounters with those larger than life fish. The over size handle also helps with leverage, and believe me you will need every advantage you can get. Fully sealed these reels are at home either on the shore with all that sand or dirt, as much as in the boat being drenched in salt water as the vessles backs down on a large shark or marlin. You won't buy a better reel if you are serious about big game fishing. You have been told. !!!


I have also caught heaps of big sharks on Penn Senators ranging from 12/0, 14/0 to 16/0 sizes. These reels, preferable the 12/0 and possible 14/0, I would recommend as a good entry level reel, as they can hold a stack of line and are really well priced.

Also a reel worth  looking at is the high class gold cousin the Penn International. Entry level would be the 80 or the 80 TW. Although becareful with these reels as for the money they are not as well sealed as the Duel 12/0 and are prone to sand invasion and corrosion unless they are very well maintained.

A reel no larger than 12/0 would be suitable for standup, anything greater than this should only be used in a landbased game chair setup. Just a word of advice make sure the rod fits on to your reel !!!