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 At this moment the security restrictions have been removed and no password is required. This may change so please bookmark this page in order that instructions maybe followed in the event of a security revision.  from Douglas the Web Master

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This message Board has been set up for serious discussion to all shark fishermen and fisherwomen to help them increase their catch rate. It is probably the most dynamic board of its type answering questions related to all aspects of land based shark fishing. 

Due to the somewhat controversial topic of shark fishing  we have in the past been inundated with Spam messages and a gross abuse of the open board system. It is with regret therefore that I have had to install a password and username system to the board that I have full control over. i.e. I am able to banish the abuser immediately with out fear of them returning. This gives my board a virtual free run from conservationist left wing greenie crap. May I therefore suggest that if you do want to become a contributing regular to the board or just even drop in and see what's happening that you become a global member of the board by clicking the hyperlink below and following the instructions to

"register your free account ( required)" where you will go through a registration process. 

In order that we can identify where you are in the world, please ensure that your username is either your first name or nickname followed by an abbreviation of your town name and country. An example of this is "Douglas Melb Aust" or "Johnno Tx USA".

When you have registered I would suggest that you save the message board url address on your favourites as Land Based Sharking Board or similar so that entering the message board site is done easily.

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