How to Make a Shark Gantry

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A Gantry is a piece of equipment used for weighing the shark. It is a recommended item by the IGFA in order that a free and true weight of the fish may be accounted for. The trouble with most gantries is that they are never close by, so we decided to construct a unit that was fully portable. With a little thought and engineering we were able to modify the gantry for both jetty and sand use.

As you can see from the photos my gantry is a standard 90 degree reinforced angle standing about 3.5 metres high for the jetty application.  This unit stands in this case over a lower landing with direct front access to the water, therefore allowing extremly easy winching of any shark via a 500kg chain pully system. The gantry is attached to the jetty with large U Bolts. In the above photos initially they were lashed to the fencing. This system is a very powerful system for weighing sharks especially when using a 1 tonne electronic load cell scale.

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This is a slightly different gantry especially designed for the sand and easily capable of weighing sharks 300-400 kg . Notice a nice couple of healthy Juvinile Tigers and a big Bull shark. These sharks were all caught from either woodgate Beach or Moreton Island...... For those who know exactly where, a most productive spot.!!!