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Many people do not pay much attention to fishing line, however when you think about it, IT IS the link between the fish and you. Use bad line and it will let you down real quick.

I only use good line, and these fall into 2 main catagories, "pretest"   and "non-pretest", both of which are monofil line. There are also available lines such as super braids like spiderline and the popular dacron, but as good as these lines are, they are an expensive mistake for Land Based Shark Fishing, as they have no stretch , are too limp, float, and become to easily tangled in themselves.

I only use one brand of line here in Australia, as it has never lets me down and I know its up to the task of some serious fishing, and that is PLATYPUS. This comes in several styles, however I use only either the Pretest or the Non Pretest Dark Green bulk spool line, depending on the application. Let me explain. If I am fishing for a record then I will use the Pretest product, however note carefully that this line will break right on the money, and it does not have the abrasive qualities of the non-pretest product. What this means is that you have to be careful how you use it,consequently it should only be used for serious record attempts. If you are a beginner to shark fishing and not at the record breaking stage just yet, I would strongly suggest that you use the "Australian Monofil Co". dark green fishing line. This can be purchased from any good tackle dealer in Australia in 2.5 kilo weight spools of 15kg, 24kg, 37kg, and 60kg line classes, but be careful as this line always breaks over its rated line class, so its not regarded as IGFA classed line. It is often carried as standard stock so filling up with a 1000 plus metres should not be  a problem. However insist that your tackle shop bring it in if they do not keep it. Breaking capacities up to 80 lb should be easily attainable, 125lb  would probably be special order.

Platypus Line was chosen as the line of choice for our Land Based Shark Fishing Record attempts, due to their commitment to quality.

Thank you Platypus..

Platypus is winning big, winning often, winning in many ways.

Proudly made in Australia by Australian Monofil Co. Ltd., Brisbane, Australia.

You may know some of the best fishing spots in the country, but if your gear doesn't include Playtypus fishing lines, then you're behind the times. Due to our continuous commitments to developing great lines for the most demanding conditions, our quality lines are unmatched. When looking for a line you can trust, insist on Platypus.


Some of the types of fishing line manufactured.


Platypus Pink was designed for the more experienced angler. Pink combines the advantages of thin diameter & low stretch in a versatile game line.
This new line enables you to set your hook in a split second and your bait and lure responds every time you twitch your rod. It has the ability to feel the lightest strikes of fish which you won't find in any other line.

Platypus Classic features include a balance of softness, strength and durabilty at an economical price. Platypus has incorporated the anti oxidants and UV inhibitors essential for long life in Australasia. Its uniqueness is enhanced by its high refractive index that makes the line invisible and gives you that extra advantage over your toughest opponent.

Dusky record Jan97.jpg (134740 bytes)Pretest

Platypus Pretest is the standard in IGFA and GFAA record breaking line. The line which all serious tournaments and anglers  usePretest comes in both clear and high visibility green and is supple enough to tie all the popular game fishing knots right up to 60kg class. A must for serious record breaking adventures.


Garry Bermi Shark.jpg (89888 bytes)Non Pretest Dark Green General

This line has excellent durability and abrasive resistive qualities. If you are looking for a  strong line and not interested in breaking any records, this is the line of choice. This line is not as supple as the pretest and consequently knot tying is slightly more difficult, but this is offset by its superb strength characteristics, ideal qualities for the rugged, hard environment of Land Based Shark Fishing..... This particular line is available in bulk  spools upto  2.5kg gross weight and is produced by  the Australian Monofil Co, and is available directly to Bona Fida professioanl fishermen by contacting   4 Terrence Rd. Brendale, Brisbane. Tel   07 3881-1522 or retail through all good fishing tackle outlets to the general public.