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Here is a picture of a medium size eel suitable for a 12/0 bait. This as most eels caught in the southern NSW was caught in a small creek no more than 4 metres wide and on a 100lb setline with a small dead fish as bait

Now this is a better eel caught in a similar creek and probably weighs about 20lbs. This bait was made up as seen and a little left over for spare. It is nothing for a big shark to munch up a bait like this in one go. Not to dissimilar to a persons leg really is it ???!!!

This was also an excellent bait. see how the hooks sit very proud of the bait. When fishing for sharks always sit the hooks well clear of the bait so that a hookup is more likely. People that say hide the hooks so it does not spook the shark do not know anything about shark fishing. See the size of the trace, this is a 1500lb galvanised cable with a plastic coating. Very difficult for big fish to bite through.

eel bait smashed.jpg (27903 bytes)Here is a photo of an eel bait that was taken by a shark, as you can see it has been completely severed in two, this happens as the shark picks up the bait and shakes its head side to side in a ferocious manner. The bait weighed approx 12 pounds.

  Also a very successful method using a whole eel. Notice the adjacent sandbag weight attached to the bottom hook with 50lb line. This method catches many sharks