Above is a picture of a dusky whaler. This shark grows to a max of 3.65 metres

Location map of Dusky Whaler shark


Under side of head

This is a great shark to catch. Big, fights well, will easily take a dead bait such as stingray and especially loves large eels (upto 20lb) a favourite for 80 years off the wharf at Tathra in New South Wales. This shark has a remakably large head, great for munching on surfboards !!!. The jaws when cleaned up correctly stand out as a great trophy . This is a dangerous shark to catch and will often fake death for hours out of the water, only to come alive again and cause danger if you are standing too close.. Has a great jaw structure. Loves shallow water and will often come in close to feed at night .Most of these sharks I have caught are during the night or early evening.Grows to a respectable 12 feet and up to 400kg. These types of sharks should only be attempted with a minimum 80lb setup and a game chair, as they will take you water sking given half the chance.Fight with heavy thuds, slow but powerful runs until in close then can go balistic and fight dirty. Have lost a few of these in the very last stages of the fight but caught a load more !!!