Duel Fishing Reels.


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We all know the drill about fishing reels, most of us have seen or owned a Penn Senator or Diawa Sealine when we first started out and some of us have moved up to the Penn Internationals and Shimano Tiagras, but for me there is only one reel on the market that withstands true punishment and a truly ingenious 2 speed selection mechanism... that reel is Duel. This is my personal opinion, I do not think too highly of the Internationals, for all that money the reel is highly suseptible to salt water corrosion. If you do not strip down your reel and clean it after a heavy session , then be prepared for expensive maintenance and repair bills. The Tiagra I cannot complain, a nice reel strong and sturdy, but the Duel just kills even that.

One of Duels claim to fame is their 2 speed selection. Its INSTANT, there it is !!!   To engage high speed 2.5:1 just wind forward.... to engage low range 1:1 just wind backwards. NO buttons, switches, fancy handle turning, thats it. The beauty is in a hard fight, that as the fish starts to relent you keep up the pressure and speed forward, as soon as it turns back out to the horizon just wind backwards, it really is instant with absolutly no visible tolerance or slop. The spool can be changed over in about 2 minutes allowing for different line classes to be fished, The gears are all sealed in a special oil chamber, and the black finish is super hard wearing, much more resiliant than the Gold finish.  If you are serious about a new reel and are prepared to spend the money on a Penn Inter or a Tiagra, then consider the Duel . You will not go wrong.

Sealed in an oil bath, the gears require no maintenance whatsoever. The multiple disk clutch in stainless steel and carbon fiber with double adjustment ensures maximum sensitivity and accuracy. The unique, simple andimmediate spool change system allows line to be changed easily and quickly. The light alloy and stainless steel construction, the one-piece frame and its assembly with delrin packing ensure corrosion resistance. The wear proof and scratch proof finishing treatment (hard oxidation with a 50 micron thickness) remains unaffected even under the most severe conditions.




Automatic Gear Change Quick Spool Change Multiple Disk Drag Range

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