Above is a picture of a Bronze whaler . This shark grows to a max of 3 metres and about 250 kg Location map of Bronze Whaler

underside of head 3rd upper tooth fom symphysis

The Bronze Whaler or also commonly known as a "Bronzie", is one of the most common shark south of Moreton Island in Queensland. It is more commonly implicated in shark attacks , most of which are in less than 1.5 metres of water than any other shark other than the Bull Shark which resides north of Northern N.S.W. When ever most fishermen catch sharks, no matter what they are they nearly always called bronzie's, which is a lot of the time incorrect.This is due to their relatively common distribution. They fight well and can take off like a bat out of hell. I once shot one three time with a shotgun in the head and it still would not die, taking a fresh bait when one was lowered back into the water. These are great respectable sharks and would offer most LBG sharkies a lot of fun. They take a variety of baits including tuna, fish, stingray flaps. ect.