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  Boat Caught Brag Photos

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SHARKLA1.jpg (12470 bytes) Sven with a nice Shark he caught on course fishing gear

RELESE.jpg (23754 bytes) Same shark being released

SHARKSV1.jpg (15790 bytes) Svens Brother with a nice land based shark around 70-80 lbs

Jim Altman 5 footer.jpg (9245 bytes) Jim Altman with a nice 5 foot bullie caught using info and techniques from our pages. Well done Jim. This was Jims biggest fish to date so far, and hopefully not his last !!! Well Done Sport.

Salvatores bull shark 1.jpg (30231 bytes)   NICECATCH.jpg (26956 bytes)

Sal with his nice little narrow tooth (bronzie) shark around a 100 pound mark.

Scott Crider SHARK.jpg (14987 bytes) Scot Crider with a nice 55lb Florida Blacktip caught 200 yards off the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Steve McGuire with a nice little bronze whaler caught off the beach in March 2000 off the Namibian coast off Africa. Over the season the had 44 pickups and 22 landed, that's exactly 50%. Now you gotta get better than that Steve so keep up the good work.

Michelle here with her dad on her 1st Shark

Here we go Proud Michelle with her dad Deaver and her sharp nose shark, which grow to between 2 and 4 feet, so this was a great one. Well done........

Here is a pic of a 7 and a half foot lemon shark that  Dan caught the night before last(29 August 2001). Dan caught it on half a small tuna with two 11/0 hooks. He fought it on a 6/0 reel with 80 pound test on a 7 foot solid fiberglass rod. At one point the shark had almost spooled the reel but he managed to bring it back it. He is the guy closest to the head.  Well done Danny Boy

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