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My Little girl Zoe at 10 months old, her first fishing rod for Christmas and the shark she helped reel in,  ( Come on guys I never said it had to be a REAL ONE !!!) Anyway she really is taking of in her dads shoes, we already are sighting a few junior Australian and world records. !!!

Zoe and her shark.jpg (15967 bytes)  My Little Girl already knows what a Penn 16/O is looking forward to her 1st trip


Joey Rothschild bull shark Texas.jpg (19336 bytes)Joey Rothschild, Texas with a little Bull shark in the back of the truck

Sean Mintz rare 8 foot beach caught mako.jpg (19768 bytes) Rare 8 foot mako caught off the beach by Sean Mintz and friends in Texas

Sean Mintz Lemon Texas.jpg (20789 bytes) Nick Rothschild next to the lemon and Sean Minzt in the forground ( I hope !!!) with a nice Texas Lemon Shark.

Sean Mintz Jeep and Bully shark.jpg (18931 bytes) Seans Trusty Black Jeep . notice the Bull shark on the roof

Texas 8 foot lemon shark.jpg (11967 bytes)  Texas Whaler shark.jpg (13311 bytes)

Above are pictures of a Texas lemon shark and what seems to be a whaler shark - may be a bull shark.

Well Done to the boys from Texas... Lets hope you catch some bigger ones real soon. and listen to Sean .. he has Seen the Light !!!!! and my secret shark fishing techniques.

Sean actually paid me a visit here in Melbourne . He flew from Texas to come to Australia and then came straight down to Melbourne to meet me at my home. I showed him some "Ninja secretes" !! on how to catch better sharks and introduced him to some of Australias Best shark Fishermen.  A Nice Guy who will no doubt bring back new ideas to Texas to enable you Good Old boys to increase your catch rate...  Well done Sean It was a pleasure to meet you. I think Sean had a shock how big Australia is, as it took him 14 hours to travel from Sydney to Melbourne, which is our next major city. That's a lot of Road, Roos and Sharks in between stops !!!!!

Sean Mintz Land Based Tiger.jpg (14592 bytes)  Tiger Corpus Christie.jpg (28815 bytes)Well here it is guys the Largest ever Tag and Release Tiger shark caught off the beach at Corpus Christie, Texas USA. This shark came in at 9.5 feet and was caught becuase of the meticulas effort brought back to Texas from seeing me and some very clever shark fishing mates of mine here in Oz. Sean spent a few days with us learning all about stse of the art techniques and as we can see his effort is paying off. This will not be the last of his Tigers they are also getting more hits with Bull sharks as they fine tune their fishing ideas. Keep it up boys and look forward to more Pics.......  The Tiger Hanging up is an example of a fish caught at Corpus Christie , and this size of fish is often not that far out. So beef up that gear and get it happening !!!!!!!! If you Guys want some more Info speak to Roys Bait and Tackle and tell him Douglas From Land Based Shark Fishing Australia put you onto him for all the  right gear and information. He is the guy that sets up all the locals for this kinda fishing technique and knows his stuff.

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