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This float is put out by Aquagem Tackle in the U.S. and is one of the best ideas that I have come accross in years. Wether you are fishing from the shore or from a boat, you would do well to use this product.

Aqua Gem's Snap Float is a revolutionary new fishing float that is designed to securely suspend bait at any desired distance under the surface, then snap open and slide effortlessly up and down your line as you fight your fish.  And it's environmentally safe!

With the SNAP FLOAT you'll experience...

NO MORE - Fighting the float
NO MORE - Rod tip hang-ups
NO MORE - Wondering where your fishing line is
NO MORE - Time consuming resets
NO MORE - Guessing if you had a bite
NO MORE - Cutting off your swivel or double line
NO MORE - Polluting the environment with balloons & Styrofoam


Benefits of the Snap Float
for Shark & Tuna Fishermen

  1. Never cut off your swivel or double line again to install a fishing float.

  2. It fishes live bait like never before possible --- It won't slip or creep because you can accurately set the tripping tension.

  3. It won't lock-up on your line --- the float will trip every time you have a fish hooked.

  4. It's great in rough water --- white water can crash over it, and it just pops right up and continues fishing.

  5. Fantastic for those no wind days --- you can slow troll with the float --- no need to pull in your lines when you want to move and drag your chum bag.

  6. Even the heaviest double lines and knots will slide through the 316 marine stainless steel line guides --- and there is never any line chafe.

  7. You don't loose your bait, tackle, fishing line and float from shark bites --- unlike balloons and Styrofoam, the Snap Float is not soft like bait. The hi-impact plastic and marine stainless steel is hard so the sharks will normally just push it with their nose and then leave it along because they sense it's not eatable.

  8. When you fish the Snap Float, the marine environment and marine sea life are the biggest winners.


Directions for setting and using the Environmentally Safe
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