AnglrSaver & Mate Saver

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Big Game Fishing Harnesses for the serious Owner, Angler & Mate

Regardless of how experienced you are in the cockpit, accidents do happen.
If you are serious about Big Game Fishing, you should be serious about SAFETY.

If so, MateSaver TM and AnglrSavr TM are for you!


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For many years battling big sharks off the jetty, the question always arose, "can't they pull you in" well in most cases fishing with a chair the answer was "not really", however when leaving the security of the chair, for instance as ytou follow the shark around the jetty, it was you and him, if he pulled too hard you could end up in the drink with him - not much fun as you could imagine. Anyway I had toyed with a harness or something but it was all to hard, until I came across a product that was perfect. it is called the Anglrsaver and is a a back support and safety harness, absolutely great for being secured to something with a snap clip. 

The idea of this is that it is worn during the fight, either from a chair or more than likely standup, the unit has a big stainless ring on the back, that is clipped onto a rope and secured to something or someone. now if a shark runs or the reel locks up (that actually happened to me - not a nice feeling) at least your not going into the drink.

Another great application is that after the shark has been captured some one has to climb down the jetty and tail rpe him. i used to be lowered down with a rope around my waste, but that's really painful. Now I am secured to the Anglrsaver and lowered down with tension being spread easily across the shoulders and back. A much safer idea. 

This unit is also a God send in the boat , where the chance of getting pulled over the side by a big fish during the gaffing process is a deadly reality.

I am sure that anyone that uses either the Anglrsaver or Matesaver would feel 100% more confident about not going into the water un-invited.

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