Fishing Gear

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Well where do I begin ? There are are so many nice little important necessities essential to shark fishing from the shore and I am sure I have most of them. However these are not all that essential to catching a shark, only to making your life easier !!!

The cost of these accessories would be about $10,000 Australian dollars not including rods and reels. Expensive you might think, well I know its a lot cheaper than owning a game boat and I still catch bigger sharks than them !!!!

Here is a list. and some pictures to suit

Australian Swag for sleeping in. Great on cold, windy, wet nights

Above is a picture of my red inflatable zodiac boat that I use to deploy my bait. I have this boat rigged up to a 20 horse power motor so that when I am fishing from the beach with surf breaking I can zip in and out quickly and safely. These type of boats are also the safest type of craft on the ocean as they are virtually unsinkable.Notice the custom built rod holders that I built so that I can also take this boat general fishing . Notice how my friend Scotts yellow Metzler has the bait deployment pole bolted to the transom, so that the bait and hooks never have to come inside the boat as inflatables and hooks do not mix well !!!! thats a 20-25lb stingray for bait...

Here is a picture of a set of crane scale that we use. these are fuly electronic and wiil weigh loads upto 1000kg in increments of 100grams. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE IN SCALES & VERY ACCURATE. They are extremely small compared to the clock face scales. I love these scales as they can weigh just about any fish over 100grams.


Here is a picture of some very large gaffs, They are 18inches wide and double reinforced and they do not bed , unlike the smaller gaffs which can bend all over the place. adjacent this is a picture of my portable power supply, which is a 1800w 240v generator to run all my electrical requirments, being primarily night lighting , spotlights ect.

Here I am on a solid 10kg hookup. Notice the heavy duty gimble belt, it is a Black Magic, and is the ultimate in stand up game fishing whether you are on the boat or the shore. This is due to its wide comfortable base, its low centre of gravity, and its full adjustable and quick release features. In the next picture I am emptying a 1300m spool of line in under 2 minutes using an electric drill setup as can be seen, this is one of the advantages of a generator, I can take my power tools as well as a freezer and lighting. The last photo shows me sharpening a hook with an angle grinder fitted with a cutting blade not a grinding blade. The trick here is to sharpen the hook lightly, otherwise you will damage the hook. Do not listen to people who say that the tip will break if you heat it too much, I have done scores of these hooks like this and have never lost a shark to a blunt hook, or a broken tip..... Sharpening like this be commenced on small hooks such as 9/0 & 12/o upwards with no hassle.