About Doug

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G,day my name is Doug and I just Love catching big sharks from the shore. I was fortunate to be taught by two of Australias premier shark fishing experts, both Geoff Wilson and especially Vic Hislop, the worlds no1 authority on capturing large Tiger Sharks and up until recent national regulations Great White Sharks.

Scott ........................Doug (me)..............Guru himself Vic Hislop

Doug and Vic Hislop. Check out the size of the great white tooth around his neck a good 2000kg fish.

A picture of the great white he caught at Phillip Island. Bait was a 300lb greasy cod set in 30 feet of water less than 200 metres off shore at seal rocks. Told you big sharks were not out far didn't I !!

This shark weighed over 5500lb and was over 22 feet long


Here vic caught a few large sharks at Frazer Island in Queensland in a 2 week fishing trip. Most of these large sharks were caught in 12-15 feet of water 100-200 metres out. well within the ranges of most serious land based game fishermen.