Let's YOU Select the Type of Fish.
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Available as can be seen above for any country in the world.  Above pic showing part of the US and Gulf of Mexico

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In a nut shell it is therefore recoqnised that as the sun and the moon pass directly overhead, they have their greatest effect on the ocean, ultimately pulling the water up and therefore increasing the volume of the water. This has the effect of reducing the pressure in the water, from which the fish are able to detect along their very sensitive lateral lines, resulting in an increased feeding habit by most water animals. The trick is to find out when this is happening , especially particular to your area. When you have this information you can judge with a much greater degree of accuracy when the fish will be most likely to bite between now and 2050. No magic, no tricks , just plain mathematical science. Just imagine being able to plan that trip next  year in advance with work, so that you can maximise the fish return per effort applied. You can be the guy telling the other fishos. " You should have been here last week" as you fillet down your catch. Get wise get a Rothery's Fish and Tide "Fishpro"

FISHPRO 50, 60 and 80:

Successful anglers have long been asking for improved information on tide and fish-feeding habits. Neil Rothery's Outdoor Computer Systems has taken anglers into the twenty first century with the release of the FISHPRO hand-held microcomputer series.
The launch of these three models takes advantage of feedback from numerous anglers, both recreational and professional, charter operators, Navy, Army, marine biologists and yachtsmen.


The models offer information that covers FIVE feeding or activity patterns for different fish types. You can select from PELAGIC fish such as king fish or tuna, BILLFISH, or two types of PREDATORY fish such as large snapper or large jewfish who become more active on a rising or falling barometer respectively.

There is a FRESHWATER fishing pattern for trout, bass, and perch, etc, and the GENERAL fishing pattern used in the Rothery's TFM41 is also included.

BOTTOM FEEDING fish like bream and flathead also have their own patterns. A twilight feature is also incorporated to make targeting of low light hunters much easier.


If you keep a diary of your catches for a specific species, you own patterns can be customised to simplify your planning. The FISHPRO can accommodate four of these custom patterns.


The task of checking next day or next week is just a few simple button checks. The feature "Change Date" lets you easily select the days that you need to check without going back to the start each time


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