Land Based Game Chair

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This page explains how to build a land based game chair, this is one of the pivotal differences between catching good sharks and big sharks. 

The whole idea of a LBG chair is that we try to bring the ideas of a standard boat chair to the land based platform, whether its a jetty or a beach.. I personally have caught all my big sharks 700 pounders plus this way sometime two of these fish a night, and there is no way you can do that stand-up for long.

This system is by no means the only chair possible, however if you can think of a better one let me know.

The chair basically comprises of a bar fridge on its back (pull out all the refrigerant gear such as the compressor etc) with a welded frame around it to support the the foot brace and the pivoting gimbal. The box then acts as a very handy storage compartment for your shark gear, traces etc etc. 

As can be seen from the sketch above, its basically a box with a frame around it and a section of pipe that acts as a gimbal allowing the rod  butt to be placed in this pipe , allowing the rod to be worked up and down as is the case in a pump and wind retrieve. The pipe is attached to the extended frame work with the use of a 1/4 inch steel pin that goes through the pipe. Any slack between the pipe and the framework is taken up with washers. this is important as there can be no room for slack or tolerance. This pin is welded at each end to allow a solid pivot for the pipe to work around.



In these  pictures you can see my box (now painted black) and how I have attached a swivel chair to the unit to give me some degree of movement, in addition to a game chair fight bucket harness. The last pic show the box attached to a rod in waiting at night. see how the car seat belt attach to the rod to secure the position of the rod in the swinging gimbal.

Here we can see the box acting as a very efficient tackle carry all, and once the box is placed on its trailer all the gear including rods and swags can be carried to the end of the jetty in one go. Very nice !!!!


Here we have Bobby hooked up to a good fish sitting in the chair and putting it through its paces........In the first pic notice how he sits back with his feet hard up against the foot plate for support.

In this picture of my chair, I have added a swivel fighting chair to give me a little extra free movement. However this is more of a luxury rather than a necessary. This differs slightly to the original design in that the gimbal is attached directly to the swivel chair rather than the box frame. In this case I use a proper game chair insert that allows the chair bucket to be directly attached to the rod for full IGFA certification. A slightly different design can be seen on the other box that does not have a foot plate

As can be seen here on a daytime hook-up fishing from a Queensland beach, the rod in this case is attached to a bum harness, pressure is applied by standing up and leaning back from the foot plate.