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G,day my name is Douglas  from Melbourne, Australia and welcome to my HOMEPAGE on shark fishing from the shore.

This page was set up to show other interested fisho's that you can catch big sharks without a big boat. All you need is the know how and a some time to try it out.  And remember "You Never Know Your Luck in a Big Sea"    It should be noted that the sharks caught here are generally used for human consumption and are not indiscriminately wasted.


All Greenies and Save the Shark Conservationist's PLEASE READ THIS FIRST     

  About Douglas

  How to build your own Shark Game Fishing Rod 

Moon Phases Live and Happening & Future Predictions

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Specialised Gear - This page is dedicated to those special pieces of equipment which help increase the catch rate dramatically of large sharks CHECK OUT THIS PAGE



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   Weight Conversion Charts  (Imperial to Metric to imperial)

  Bait Selection                                                    

  Brag Pages - Press here to see your brag photos

  Tell us your Story how this site helped you catch your first shark 

Jaws- Click here to see how to clean and prepare your shark jaws

Fishing Gear  - Click here to see the run down on reels, rods, accessories, traces, and even how to build      your own Shark Gantry and land Based Game Chair 

   New Pics Page including photo series shots of your fish

Sharkman Fishing Charters

Fraser Island Easter 2002 New and worth a Visit


   Zodiac Bait Deployment Unit- I love this Boat !!!!


   Doug's 4X4 page with his trusty Nissan Patrol Ti. 

Catching giant stingrays from the Jetty



   Typical Sharks caught Inshore

   Bronze Whaler

      Bull shark

   Dusky Whaler

       Great White

   Hammerhead Shark

   Lemon Shark


   Sevengill Shark


If you have any comments on shark fishing why not ask me. just contact me by leaving a message at sharkfishingreplies@hotmail.com  .... Thanks  and remember   You Never Know Your Luck in a Big Sea. !!!



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